7 vital reasons you should get your 4-year old a drawing kit

There are various forms of play for children. As your child grows from being a little crying baby to become a crawling and walking lad, his/her play sense is bound to change with your help. Sometimes, your child will be absorbed in a make-believe world of his own and won’t need your involvement.  Between the…

Is Barbie the Best Female Doll?

Before women were even allowed to open their own bank accounts, Barbie bought her first Dreamhouse in 1962. Barbie represented women in new ways, becoming a symbol of independence and empowerment. With its mid-century modern décor, hi-fi stereo and slim-line furniture, girls could imagine entertaining friends or relaxing in a stylish living room.

Barbie has been able to create and motivate a world filled with empowered ladies for over 60 years. It has also been able to develop great insightful dolls to help brighten the horizon of young children.