Perpetua Shopping Radar is your precise shopping guide. PSR is about easing your worries on how to meet your needs; bringing to light various relaxation centers, shopping stores and restaurants in different geographical locations as well as items obtainable in these places.

Are you bored and need to chill out? Are you a traveller? Do you need a place to relax? Spend time with family and friends? Are you looking for decent cuisines for eat outs? Do you need to get a lovely gift for a friend or souvenirs for your guest? PSR is here to guide you through the most convenient and affordable places where your needs will be met.

What People Say

The best way to start a day is having a plan and MOST importantly, having someone to guide you through.

Eshameh Victor

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

Bo Derek

I can walk all day in malls, shopping centres, high streets – I love it.

Theo Paphitis

Let’s help you find the best places