7 vital reasons you should get your 4-year old a drawing kit

There are various forms of play for children. As your child grows from being a little crying baby to become a crawling and walking lad, his/her play sense is bound to change with your help. Sometimes, your child will be absorbed in a make-believe world of his own and won’t need your involvement. 

Between the age of 1 and 5, you can help build the creativity of your child by introducing him/her to books and reading. Books are one of the great pleasures of life and are vital in providing words to express feelings, ideas, and thoughts.  

However, more importantly, is a drawing kit. Dr. Miriam Stoppard, a leading authority on family health and childcare explains that drawing can help children understand emotions and the world.

How can you achieve this? 

You can help your child become in touch with his/her feelings and to recognize emotions in others by getting him/her to draw a happy face and a sad face, first with a guiding hand from you. Then move your child on to looking at photos of people he/she knows and deciding how they are feeling in the picture. This not only helps your child to recognize emotions but to empathize, and to relate closely to them. 

You can also use drawing to expand your child’s view of the world. A very simple idea would be what happens when you spill water. You and your child could do a drawing of knocking over a jug of water and it spilling onto the floor and making a puddle, perhaps running off the edge of the table onto the floor in big drops and splashes. This kind of exercise reinforces your child’s memory and provides her/him with personal experience.

Allow your child to grow creatively

Other influences of drawing on your child include; 

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