How to make Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

A cocktail is normally a short drink of up to about 10cl, which is made from a mixture of different ingredients, so blended that no single component dominates the other. Cocktails are served before a meal in order to stimulate the appetite or sometimes with cream-based drinks after the meal to provide a sweet-tasting finish to the meal.

There are two principal methods of making cocktails, which are as shaking method and stirring methods. The shaking method involves shaking ingredients very well to ensure no ingredient predominate the other. On the other hand, stirring method is used when the ingredients are wine base.

Fruit cup

Orange juice – 3.0cl

Grapefruit juice – 3.0cl

Apple juice – 3.0cl

Lemonade/Soda water


Pour all ingredients with the exception of the lemonade/soda onto ice in a glass jug, then stire well to blend and chill; add slice fruit garnish and top up with lemonade or soda water. Serve well chilled in high ball or Worthington glasses.


Pineapple juice – 4.5cl

Orange juice – 4.5cl


Mix the well-chilled ingredients on crushed ice in a slim Jim glass and serve with straws.


Fruit cordial, blackcurrant – ½ cup full

Orange squash – 1 cup full

Angostura bitters – 1 dessert spoon

Spirit or 7UP – 1 bottle

Cucumber – 1 slice

Lemon – 1 slice

Ice cube – 10 pieces


Place ice cubes in a glass, then pour in all the ingredients and stir, and then serve with straw.

Points to consider while making cocktails

  • Ice to be used should be clear and clean
  • Do not overfill the cocktail shaker
  • Effervescent drinks should never be shaken
  • Not to fill the glass to the brim, so as to prevent spillage
  • When an egg is an ingredient to be used, first break the egg into a spate container before use
  • Serve cocktails in chilled glasses
  • To shake, be short and snappy
  • Always place ice in the shaker or mixing glass first, then followed by non-alcoholic and later alcoholic beverages
  • To stir, stir briskly until the blend is cold
  • When egg white or yolk is an ingredient, then Boston shaker should be used
  • Shakers should be used for cocktails that include fruit juices, sugar, cream and similar ingredients
  • Always add the garnish after the cocktail has been made and to the glass in which the cocktail is to be served
  • Ingredients should be measured because inaccurate amount spoils the balance of the blend and taste
  • Never use the same ice twice  

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