How to Make 4 Different Alcoholic Cocktails

A cocktail is a short drink of up to about 10cl, which is made from a mixture of different ingredients, so blended that no single component dominates the other. Cocktails are served before a meal to stimulate the appetite or sometimes with cream-based drinks after the meal to provide a sweet-tasting finish to the meal. 

There are two principal methods of making cocktails, which are shaking method and stirring method. The shaking method involves shaking ingredients very well to ensure no ingredient predominate the other. On the other hand, the stirring method is used when the ingredients are wine base. 

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How to make Alcoholic Cocktails 

Pina Colada Cocktail 

White rum – 3.0cl 

Coconut cream – 3.0cl 

Pineapple juice – 9.0cl 


Shake or blend all ingredients vigorously on ice until smooth, strain into a chilled high ball glass, garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge and a maraschino cherry as well as adding straws. 

Salty Dog 

Vodka – 5.0cl 

Grapefruit juice – 10.0cl 


Shake vodka and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker; then strain into a pinch of salt and rimmed high ball glass filled with ice. 

Champagne Cocktail 

Sugar cube – ½ 

Angostura bitters – 2 dashes 

Champagne – 5.0cl (well chilled) 

Brandy – 5.0cl 


Place the sugar cubes soaked in Angostura into a flute or tulip-shaped champagne glass, then pour over the well-chilled champagne and float the brandy on the surface by pouring over the back of a teaspoon, then garnish with a slice of orange and maraschino cherry. 

Americano cocktail 

Campari – 3.0cl 

Red Vermouth – 3.0cl 

Soda water 


Place the Campari and sweet vermouth over ice into the glass; stir well to chill then top-up with the soda water to taste, thereafter, garnish with half a slice of oranges and lemon peel. 

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