Seasonal meals in Nigeria and when to get them

Don’t be surprised, there are seasonal meals in Nigeria just like in many parts of the world. You must have heard of the seasonal menu as well. The idea of bringing seasonal fruits and vegetable into play in cooking a particular meal could deliver a seasonal meal.

Seasonal meals are meals that are often not available in all seasons. They are meals eaten in a particular season either as a result of scarcity of ingredients or as a result of climatic change.

One of the beauties of a seasonal meal is the new experience we get each time they have the opportunity to eat such a meal. Another beauty of seasonal meal is that the ingredients for these meals will be cheap and affordable. This is because it is its season. An example of such a seasonal meal is sweet potatoes.

Nigeria basically depend on the raining season to get its farm produce grow. The rainy season in Nigeria is between April and October. This provides food items such as yam, maize, and mango.

There are other seasonal fruits and foods in Nigeria. However, there are several typical Nigerian meals. For instance, rice and stew are eaten daily in most homes in Nigeria. The rice can either be eaten as white rice, jollof rice or fried rice. The stew can either be made from goat meat, beef, chicken, or fish. The fish stew is one special delicacy among the Yoruba-speaking people of Nigeria.  

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