Perfect hangout idea during the pandemic

The easing of lockdown seems to be far from been over. Though shopping malls are currently function, the pandemic has brought a severe difference in shopping style and thus, disrupts the fun of hangout with friends and loved ones.

In Nigeria, there is a long queue of shoppers in almost every popular shopping mall. This prolongs shopping experience and shoppers often are made to sit still or hang around for their turn before gaining entrance to the shopping mall. This is the same with banking halls.

On Wednesday, the PSR team went shopping in Ilorin – Kwara state at the most recognized shopping mall in the state, Palms Mall. Unlike what we saw in Ibadan (especially at Pinnacle), there was a free flow of shoppers. Shoppers are only allowed into the premises only if they had a facemask on.

At Shoprite, shoppers were allowed in after they had passed the temperature test and also sanitized their hands. It is equally compulsory to have your nose mask on.

Other shops within the mall observed a similar procedure. The cinema within the shopping mall remains closed according to the Federal Government directive.

We also observed that none of the eateries was allowing customers to eat within the restaurant. The policy in most restaurants presently is “buy as much as you can but eat elsewhere”. And that was what we did. For my chicken loving Barbie, her favourite place is with the chicken.

It was Wednesday, and KFC’s Wednesday is always about special offers. We bought as much as we thought we could. The plan was to eat out, so how do we achieve this. And there came a plan.

Have you ever gone on a ‘car date’? Or you don’t even have an idea of what I am talking about. Let me show you how to enjoy your date despite the “no seat policies” in eateries presently.

Though you might think this is outdated, it is fun-filled. In the 70s and 80s, many people (lovers especially) enjoyed this kind of pleasure treat. I am talking about having a car hangout; you can say chilling or picnicking in the car. Recently, we saw churches hold services in the church members’ car.

I and the team bought that which we needed and then drove to a very nice place. Yeah, very nice place in the city of Ilorin – right by the riverside.
There is a place called, ‘Water View’ in Ilorin. Prior to the lockdown, it was one of the busiest hangout spots with lots of good stuff to enjoy. There are food and snack stands, drinks of different kinds, sizes, tastes and colour and always music on the background.

This spot is an open air environment surrounded by trees and faced by a very large body of water. And just in case you get tired or too drunk to drive back home, there is an hotel right across the road absolutely affordable.

We got to the place and parked at the parking lot. Just as expected, the parking lot was empty. But our fun was just getting started. Based on our experience, I will highlight how best to have fun in your car during this period. If you do not have your private car, you do not have to worry. We can fix that too.

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