Is Barbie the Best Female Doll?

Miss Astronaut Barbie

In 1965, Barbie went galactic four years before man landed on the moon. Miss Astronaut Barbie celebrated the excitement of the space program and exploring new frontiers. Dressed in a cool space suit and helmet, she showed girls they could reach for the stars.

Christie, one of the first black dolls

Barbie released Christie, one of the first black dolls. Christie was created as a friend of Barbie and came dressed in a mod-inspired swimsuit with a short ’60s hairstyle.

Totally Hair Barbie

Totally Hair Barbie (also known as Ultra Hair Barbie in Europe) was released in 1992. Totally Hair Barbie is the best-selling Barbie doll to date. She celebrated the loud fashions and big hair craze of the early ’90s and featured the longest hair ever on a Barbie doll. To celebrate the doll’s 25th anniversary, she was re-released in 2017.

Barbie female president and vice president

Barbie released an all-female ticket with a president and vice president doll set to inspire girls to believe they can be anything—including leader of the free world.

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