How to know a great wine by reading the label

There are several types of wine. There is the still and light wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine, and aromatized wine. Fortunately for wine lovers and tasters, under these types of wine, there are numerous wines listed.

So how do you go about shopping for the right wine? .

Importantly, you must understand that wines are like flowers, colourful and with its unique scent. And likewise, wines are unique to certain occasions and personality.

Here is how to know a great wine that will suit your purpose of purchase.

All you have to do is to read the wine label before you purchase it.

Just like any other products, the label bears so many information about a product.

The label on a bottle of wine can give a lot if useful information about the wine. This information is not limited to the following:

  • The name of the wine
  • The country where the wine was made
  • Alcohol strength in percentage by volume
  • Contents in litres, cl or ml
  • The varietals (name of the grapes πŸ‡ used in making the wine)
  • The region where the wine was made
  • The property where the wine was made
  • The quality category of the wine
  • Details of the bottler and distributor

With all these details available, you shouldn’t be worried about making the wrong choice of wine.

If you are a lover of South African wine, or perhaps Spanish wine, you will get an hint from the label. And, if you love to have a feel of grape or πŸ… tomatoes in your wine, check the label.

What is left to be said? Enjoy your glass of 🍷 wine until next week when I will hint you on another interesting fact about wines ✌

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