COVID-19 and the new face of shopping

The talk of town for several weeks have been about coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. There have been a compulsory stay at home order in countries across the world to help in curbing the spread of coronavirus.

As the world continue to battle against COVID-19 pandemic, new protective measures are implemented daily. Regardless of these measures, nothing is ever going to be the same again, especially shopping 🛍.

PSR has got your back! And guess what, you will no longer have to worry or wonder about where to get the items you need at the most affordable prices.

Not just that, PSR will get you closer to all shopping malls, relaxation centers and tour sites in the country. You also stand to get information about restaurants, hotels, fast-food, and lots more.

And just in case you are not prepared for any form of outting and shopping yet, PSR brings to you recipes and procedures on how to make the hottest delicacies.

You have so much to gain reading our daily updates. Following OR signing up to our newsletter gives you the opportunity to be among the first to get alerts on all freebies, gifts and promos for the big malls in town.

The wait is over. Come on board as we launch you to a new shopping experience.

Perpetua Shopping Radar

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